Undergraduate Studies

Course Requirements

The 15-credit undergraduate minor in folklore is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the English and History Departments. The Director of the Folklore Program or the Folklore Advisor must approve the coursework at least one year prior to graduation. Folklore minor students must maintain a 2.75 GPA admission and graduation standard. Courses used to fulfill requirements for the English and History majors may not be used for the Folklore minor.
A. Required Courses (Take Both)
ENGL/HIST/ANTH 2210 (BHU) Introduction to Folklore*
ENGL/HIST/ANTH 5700 Folk Narrative*
B. Survey of Folklore in Culture and Place (Choose One)
ENGL/HIST/ANTH 2720 Survey of American Folklore*
ENGL/HIST 3700 (CI) Regional Folklore*
C. Folklore Genres (Choose One)
ENGL/HIST 3070 (DHA) Perspectives in Folklore*
ENGL/HIST 4700 Folk Material Culture
D. Electives (Choose One)
ANTH 1010 (BSS) Cultural Anthropology*
ANTH 2010 (BSS) Peoples of the Contemporary World*
ANTH 3110 North American Indian Cultures
ANTH 3130 (CI) Peoples of Latin America
ANTH 3160 (DSS) Anthropology of Religion
ENG 3630 The Farm in Literature and Culture
ANTH 4110 (DSS) Southwest Indian Cultures, Past and Present
ANTH 4120 (CI/DSS) Anthropology of Childhood
ANTH 4130 (DSS) Medical Anthropology: Matter, Culture, Spirit, & Health
ANTH 5190 Applied Anthropology Practicum
ENGL/HIST 1600 American Cultures in Film
ENGL/HIST 3070 (DHA) Perspectives in Folklore
ENGL 3520 Multicultural American Literature
ENGL 3620 Native American Studies
ENGL/HIST/RELS 3710 (CI) Folklore Colloquium
ENGL/HIST 4750 Advanced Folklore Workshop: Fife Conference
HIST 4850 Interpreting the Past for Teachers

* denotes a course that is available online